Saturday, May 31, 2014

[#JROCK] JINN at Oklahoma City Oklahoma at IZUMICON October 31st thru November 2, 2014


DATE: October 31st-November 2nd 2014
VENUE-Cox Center
CITY- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
EVENT: Izumicon

Jinn began in the summer of 2003 at a Fuchu city high school where all four were students. Their debut came from the release of their first mini-album “Kotosabi no Ki.” They continued to rise in popularity with the release of their first single “Raion” impressing fans with their powerful performance. In January of 2007 they hit the Oricon chart hard with their single “Kaidoku Funo” topping out at 10th place on the Oricon Weekly Charts. They have gone on to release five more singles and three full albums: “Lemmings”, “Qualia”, and their latest “For The Seeker”. They have performed the opener song for both “Blood+ and Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion“.

Date: Oct 31, 2014 – Nov 02, 2014
Venue: Cox Center
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Price: $40.00-$48.00
Music Type: J-Rock
birth:1987.03.03 sex:female blood type:A
birth:1986.05.16 sex:male blood type:B
birth:1985.07.10 sex:male blood type:A
birth:1987.01.19 sex:male blood type:AB

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