Saturday, May 31, 2014

[#JROCK] Moon Stream at Saboten Con in Glendale Arizona August 29-Sept. 00, 2014

DATE: August 29, 2014 - September 01 2014
VENUE: Saboten Con
LOCATION: Glendale, Arizona
PRICE: $35.00+


Aug 29-Sept 1 (Labor Day Weekend) : We will be performing at Saboten Con in Glendale, AZ! West coast fans, don’t miss our first show in Arizona! Stay tuned for event information to come. For now, click BUY TICKETS and head over to Saboten Con’s site for registration information.

Moon Stream is a new musical unit combining the forces of Japanese visual style rock with the sounds of the New York underground. Created in early 2011, Moon Stream is fronted by Satsuki (vocals, ex RENTRER EN SOI) and Tomo (guitar, echostream). These two veterans of the early Visual Kei explosion in Japan are now active on opposite ends of the globe. The first half of the band’s name “Moon” is derived from Satsuki’s own name, while the latter half, taken from Tomo’s band name “echostream,” fuses to create a fresh concept for a band unlike any other – channeling the energy of the moon as a powerful musical force. Displaying their visual and musical talent from signature rock sounds, ambient compositions, to dance rock music, their US debut launched Moon Stream into the sky.


Satsuki profile:

As ex-vocalist of popular visual kei rock band RENTRER EN SOI, Satsuki launched his solo career on Feb 14, 2009 in order to pierce his own musical aesthetics. Satsuki has performed in America for piano concerts and anime conventions such as Oni-Con 2009. In addition to regularly headlining visual kei concert events in Japan, Satsuki has also performed in theater and is steadily expanding his range of activities.

Tomo Asaha profile:

Tomo Asaha began his musical career at the top of the visual kei music scene in Osaka, Japan, playing guitar for bands such as Voyage and NIL. After joining Unknown Frequency, an electronic rock band signed to GIZA Music, Tomo also began playing with artists such as Rina Aiuchi and Chocolate syrup. Unknown Frequency soon became what is now echostream, Tomo’s current band based in New York.Tomo brought his vision to the United States with echostream, performing on tours and at conventions nationwide, and also as a New York underground musical force. echostream’s album releases include Identity and The Duality of Courage, whose songs have been featured on the FX TV show Dirt. Tomo has appeared on the Bonnie Hunt Show performing with Los Angeles-based singer Shahidah Omar. He has also performed with Shahidah Omar at the renowned music festival Bonnaroo 2012, an event that featured headliners such as Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Roots, and Skrillex.

[PV] Satsuki砂月 ~ Romance (Moon Stream@Paris Manga 2013)

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