Monday, June 16, 2014

"GEEKS" In the Spotlight on My JHouse ROCKS T.V. [Interview]

My JHouse ROCKS T.V. 

Japanese Music To The World


A great combination of rock/punk combined styles of music was delivered by Japanese band GEEKS to an audience who had been waiting patiently for the arrival of GEEKS in anticipation of their performance in Dallas, Texas during their weekend at A-Kon Anime convention that took place on June 6-8th, 2014. The show was energetic, the fans engaged and brought existing and new fans to GEEKS charismatic world of music. My JHouse ROCKS T.V was granted the opportunity to sit down with the members and have a casual conversation. The band consists of 4 members known as Endo, the Genius Scammer on guitar, MITSU, the Yankee from Chiba City on bass, KAORU, the Creepy Nerd on the keys and KYOHEI, the Arch Daemon of Downtown Tokyo on the drums which all four on vocals.

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Reporting: Micheal Herrera
Editing: LaLa Sukura


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