Friday, June 6, 2014

[#JPOP] F.E.M.M. at Tokyo in Tulsa Oklahoma

Date: Jul 11, 2014 - Jul 13, 2014
Venue: Cox Business Center
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
FEMMPrice: $40.00
Music Type: J-Pop

Oklahoma’s LARGEST 3 Day Japanese and; Local Culture Event – Tokyo in Tulsa 2014 welcomes special Musical Guests of Honor:

Do dolls have hearts? Can people be moved by songs sung by dolls?
We, agents of “F.E.M.M.’S AGENCY SYNDICATE”, are dispatched all over the world to look for mannequins who satisfy “certain conditions”.
We create mannequins with their own will called “F.E.M.M.” by incorporating a device to the qualified mannequins, and send him/her out to the society in every occasion. You must have already met “F.E.M.M.” without even noticing.
Just like you, a lot of people are unaware about this truth until they come across their website,
Of course, not all mannequins can become “the new life form: F.E.M.M.”. Not everyone has the ability to identify mannequins with the potential neither. It takes a very special set of abilities.FEMM

In 2013, because we have acquired new agents, we decided to publicly announce the existence of 2 “F.E.M.M.” managed by our top agent “Zero”, serial number “MS-000000″ and “SW-000000″ (nicknames: LuLa and RI-RI), in order to increase the production of “F.E.M.M.”.
The unit name is “FAR EAST MENTION MANNEQUINS”. And a special website has been opened in order to promote their activities.
In the website, you are given 2 avatars.
You as an agent. You as a F.E.M.M.
Both of them are you, and not you at the same time. You are a character (or unit) who is part of the revolution .
This is a challenge from F.E.M.M.’S AGENCY SYNDICATE. We have created contents which will help you to understand the doll’s hearts, or to figure out your gifts which you might have.
What you will find is a completely new experience which is a mixture of real and virtual world. You will earn virtual currency “MENTIONS” by completing missions, and use the “MENTIONS” in order to become our top agents.
We hope you will enjoy this challenge.

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