Friday, June 6, 2014

[#JROCK] Visual Kei Band ViVid will be in Orlando Florida in August

ViViD has promised us that they’re going to rock the house harder than you could ever imagine! Their style and energy is absolutely insane, and trust me when I say that it’s going to drive you totally wild! ViViD has a TON of epic music out there, including some songs that have been openings or closing themes to some really cool Anime shows such as their track “Blue” from Bleach. That’s a pretty awesome connection since we also happen to have the voice actor for 
Bleach’s main character Ichigo, Johnny Yong Bosch, eh?

Just so you know how awesome this really is, ViViD is a major label band direct from Japan. So direct in fact, that performing at the Orlando Nerd Fest will be their first performance EVER in the United States! We were able to bring them out due to your amazing and early support in purchasing Supporter Badges and some awesome sponsorship help from Babel Entertainment and KN Designs! We can’t freaking wait!
Also on the topic of support, the “likes” on the Facebook Page speeding along so fast that it’s becoming hard to announce bands fast enough! Those along with the RSVP’s on the ONF2014 Event Page are climbing with the speed of rocket ships! Thank you for supporting our show and helping us to achieve so many amazing goals!
Remember, if you sign up for OUR EMAIL LIST you are automatically entered into our drawings to win 2 free passes to #ONF2014! Don’t miss out! (I would also recommend reserving your hotel rooms now, as they are filling up SUPER FAST!)


Thursday Aug 7th - Preregistration Pre-Party (Free!)
Friday Aug 8th - Sunday Aug 10th - Main Festival
Monday Aug 11th - The Day After Show (Free!)

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