Friday, June 6, 2014

[#PUNK-ROCK] Lolita Dark will Perform at Anime California in August 2014

Anime California 

Hyatt Regency in Orange County
August 22-24th, 2014
11999 Harbor Blvd
Garden Grove, California 92840

(714) 750-1234
Time: 8:30pm. – Admission: $25-$50.
Age restrictions: 21+.

Note from Lolita Dark: Not only we get to rock out AC in OC, but “Wounded Angel” by Lolita Dark became the official theme song for Anime California 2014!! We cannot wait to rock out with our hommies and meet new friends this summer!! Check in for our exact show date and time as it gets closer.


Lolita Dark – Chapter one
Although the individual members are no strangers to the Japanese rock scene, Lolita Dark is the new threat to the stale Los Angeles rock scene. Vocal powerhouse Ray sought a way to reinvent her art form based on her own sordid and colorful past in an effort to help others who might identify with her personal experiences and found support in drummer Joey and bassist Rain. As a platform to try the things they always wanted to do, second vocalist and keyboard player May rounds out the group alongside guitarist Patrick. In a fusion of past meets present, Lolita Dark is a new beginning for our era.
“Salvation… Redemption… Sanctuary… to unlock a path, for those who have lost their way”; this is the band for the weary traveler of the world’s long and often dark roads. Lolita Dark’s musical journey (1st album “Tokyo Status”) proves that you don’t have to walk alone.
“To help those who are helpless, to answer the silent cries of the voiceless” – Melding the distinctly unique worlds of Japanese rock, goth, and steampunk, the band hopes to provide an outlet for their fans: a way out of the darkness, a chance to ascend. Refusing to conform to society’s standards, Lolita Dark represents the underdog in us all. But rather than just teaching us to embrace our true selves, their music seeks a higher goal: a world where no one hides in the shadows, a society of open-ness, a place where everyone can just be.
From their innovative music to their stylistic appearance, Lolita Dark is nothing you have ever experienced before. They are ready for the revolution! Check out their Facebook page here.
Ray – Lead Vocal, Rhythm Guitar, Keyboard
May – Lead Vocal, Keyboard
Patrick Cabrera – Lead Guitar
Rain Balen – Bass
Joey Felix – Drums

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