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Anime Matsuri 2015 Musical Guest DISACODE (Akira on vocals) Minori, Reika and Stella Chuu

April 3-5, 2015

DISACODE-Featuring Akira on Vocals will perform at Anime Matsuri
Popular Japanese model Akira returns to Anime Matsuri and the 2015 
JFashion Show, this time debuting her band Disacode in the USA. Join 
Disacode as they perform live in concert for the first time with songs from
Black Butler and their albums. Follow on Facebook.

Take two parts geek and one parts sexual icon and you get Stella Chuu. She is taking
 the nerd world by storm one piece of clothing at a time. Stella is a cosplayer and 
burlesque performer from NYC. Mixing pop culture and striptease together, she
 creates unique performances that are sure to make your jaw drop. Dubbed the
 Anime Princess of Burlesque, Stella has toured all across the country. Take two
 parts geek and one parts sexual icon and you get Stella Chuu. She is taking the
 nerd world.
Follow her on her Facebook Fanpage or Twitter @StellaChuuuuu
Reika is back. New Year, New Cosplays. With over 18 years of cosplay experience and           over 500 costumes, Reika will be the representative of Japanese Cosplay at the convention.           In addition Reika will be featured in Anime Matsuri’s Japanese Fashion Show,                           an original production written and directed by John Leigh. We have some surprises                      for everyone. Because Reika.

Check out her Facebook Fanpage here and follow her on twitter @reika2011

Her shironuri art was the subject of a short documentary film in 2012 that has been viewed over 150,000 times on YouTube.
Minori has appeared on Japanese Television numerous times, including being featured on TV together with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu as a representative of Harajuku fashion and culture.
Minori is well known in Harajuku’s lolita scene. Even though her shironuri style is not lolita, it shares many elements with lolita and has lead to Minori Building a following in the international lolita scene.
Minori transformed a Caucasian fan into Japanese shironuri style at the 2013 Japan Expo. Minori has extensive skills in makeup and styling. She is available to perform shironuri transformations at Japanese culture events. A demonstration of Minori’s shironuri styling skills is available on YouTube
Minori has a background in illustration, and has performed live drawing at events in Japan. Even though she can perform live art, her fans are most interested in shironuri – so she believes that shironuri transformation and talking about shironuri culture will have the most appeal to international audiences.

Anime Matsuri is an annual anime, Japanese culture and related arts convention
 based in Houston, Texas. Whether it’s cosplay (costume in play), music, fashion, 
anime, art, or collectibles; you name it, we’ve got it! We strive to bring the latest and 
greatest from Japan’s catwalks, anime studios and concert stages, over to our own
 backyard here in the United States. 

Anime Matsuri’s inaugural event began in 2007. Since then, Anime Matsuri has

 grown to over 19,000 attendees, and is one of the largest anime conventions in 
North America!

With so many in attendance, we have recently made the George R. Brown Convention Center our permanent home in the heart of downtown Houston. Here we host a 3 day “matsuri”, Japanese for “festival”, full of many exciting panels, workshops, contests and events. We are proud to promote Japanese culture to our attendees with our cultural panels and workshops, Lolita Tea Party, Maid Cafe, Japanese style Car Show, Japanese Concerts, and the largest Japanese Fashion Show in the United States. Our vision is to have the convention serve as a bridge from the East and West. We not only bring the excitement that is Japan, but we also try to educate the community on cultural diversity.
Anime Matsuri provides a safe, family-friendly environment, welcoming the seasoned

 con-veteran, as well as all who are curious about Japanese culture. We hope you and
 your family will come celebrate our festival with us!

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