Tuesday, July 22, 2014

DAICHI-My JHouse ROCKS T.V. Live Concert Series [video] at J-POP SUMMIT FESTIVAL

Event-J-POP SUMMIT FESTIVAL 2014 in San Francisco's Japantown held July 19-20.My JHouse ROCKS T.V. Live Concert Series. We have loads of live footage and photo's coming as we covered the weekends events!

World-known Japanese human beat-boxer!!
Without using any instruments, effects, or machines, #Daichi can make more than 50 different kinds of sounds using his voice, and can make rhythm and sing melody at the same time.

At the age of 18, he posted on Youtube a video of his beat box performance, which he filmed in his room by himself. Suddenly, he started getting a lot attention from all over the world. This video has had more than 23 million views. Now Daichi's official YouTube Channel, DaichiBeatboxer, has over 350,000 subscribes from around the world.

Daichi performs not only in Japan, but also overseas, including the US, Taiwan, Malaysia and so on, and entertains audiences by using only 1 microphone, playing original and cover music with a loop-station machine, and also collaborating with singers, musicians, dancers, performers, DJ's and more. Daichi won third place in Apollo Theater Amateur Night 2012, and became the first Japanese musician to be awarded at the Apollo.

Official Website-DaichiBeat.jp

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