Tuesday, July 15, 2014

[#EDM-MIX] Announcement-DJ KRUSH US Tour Cancelled

Unfortunately all shows for DJ Krush's US tour has been cancelled.
We are very sorry that we had to cancel the US tour on such a very short notice.
Krush had been issued US visa without problem for the past 14 years and we are all shocked that this kind of thing happened.
Krush is feeling very sorry and disappointed as well.
We will continue to contact the US embassy for the issuance of visa and make sure that we can see you all in the near future.
For the American fans who had purchased tickets and was looking forward to the shows, we would like to have Krush play the set that was planned for the US tour on live streaming website "Dommune". Will announce more info later. This is all we can do for now.
We ask for your continued support.
DJ KRUSH management / producer
Noriko ASANO

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