Friday, July 11, 2014

Shibuya Kuro-Gyaru Group BLACK DIAMOND to Perform at J-POP SUMMIT 2014

July 20th 12:00pm @ Pagoda Stage, Japantown

A Japanese “Kuro-gyaru” (tanned skin gals) group, Black Diamond, will appear at J-POP SUMMIT and plan to conquer San Francisco! 

Black Diamond will showcase their original songs, have a calligraphy performance and Para-Para dance show! At their booth on Post Street, you can purchase Black Diamond official goods. You can get their autographs on purchased items and take photos with members!


Formed in 2012, Black Diamond is the most biggest girls’ group of Kuro-Gyaru (tanned skin gals) consisting of 150 members from Hokkaido to Okinawa.
Their fashion style revived and evolved the “Gan-Guro” fashion trend, which started in the mid-90s among young girls in Shibuya, Tokyo. Their typical look comes with tanned skin, bleach or colorful big hairs, heavy eyelashes and vivid make-up, flashy long nails, and they often wear denim hot pants.

Recently, their activities have spread overseas. They are invited to various events as part of Cool Japan projects and have the opportunities to promote their Shibuya-kei / Kuro-gyaru fashions to the world. In September 2013, Black Diamond released their 1st original song AVANT GYARUDE that distributed in 112 countries. In the same month, at TOKYO CRAZY KAWAII event in Paris, France, they performed on the main stage for the first time and enjoyed great response. In April 2014, they released their 2nd single “CRAZY TRIBE feat.HAYATO / PERSONA.”

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