Friday, August 15, 2014

[#DANCE] KENICHI EBINA To Perform In Torrance California in September

  • DATE : Sept 20th and; Sept 21st
  • 7:00pm Doors Open 6pm, 4:00pm Doors Open 3:00pm
  • Location : Marsee Auditorium at El Camino College
  • Address : 16007 Crenshaw Blvd. Torrance, CA 90506
  • ※ At the corner of Redondo Beach Blvd
    and Crenshaw Blvd.
  • TICKETS : $25/$45/$65/85
  • Parking: $3

Kenichi Ebina who was famed by winning America's Got Talent Season 8 who innocently entered the competition at 38 years old from Tokyo Japan with the comment, "I'll be performing a dance-ish performance", ended up claiming the crown! The man stunned the judges, audience and choreographers world wide with his matrix-ish visual dance-ish performance and his illusion-ish head fall which as he continued on through the competition brought something new to the stage each round taking everyone's amazement. With his self taught freestyle dance's Kenichi did win the competition which was the platform for his 'world debut'. Kenichi made a re-appearance on America's Got Talent last night as a pre-cursor to his upcoming show in Japan where he will be on a variety act show on August 20th in Shinagawa, Tokyo with several other acts including Daisuke Nakata, beautiful pop violinist, AREA, a new sensation singer, GILLE and many kids dance crew then soon to be returning to California to perform on September 20th and 21st, which if you have the opportunity to see this show it's a must go!!!

Kenichi Ebina's talent is solo and self-taught. He started out dancing 'Freestyle HipHop' and expanded his style to Poppin', Lockin', Mime, House, Jazz, Contemporary and Ethnic dance. Kenichi's unique dance show with illusion effects of sound, light and visual entertains groups of people who normally would not be interested in the performing arts. A true visionary in the art of dance without realizing how and what an impact he will, and did make on the performing arts dance world which makes him even more likable by so many.



- Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater 2001: Grand Winner
- Dance contest in Showtime at the Apollo 2006-2007 season: Grand Winner
- Kollaboration 9: Winner
- KAMIWAZA 2012: Winner
- America's Got Talent season 8: Winner

In 2001 Kenichi founded a dance group with all Japanese dancers, BiTriP.
BiTriP won for the 1st place in the final grand championship of “Amateur Night” at the world famous Apollo Theater in 2001 as the first and only Japanese grand champion performer. In 2007, Kenichi appeared on dance contest of “Showtime at the Apollo” as a solo performer and became the grand champion of 2007 season after winning 7 times. Kenichi is the only two-time grand champion in the Apollo theater history. 

Kenichi has been performing at many events, TV shows and teaching in USA, Europe, Russia, China, Korea, Singapore, Japan, Morocco and Australia. Kenichi also has performed, directed and choreographed for many projects and dance and theater companies.

Ebina Performing Arts's first full-length show premiered at USA's national Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Also, Kenichi was invited as a speaker to TED 2007. (TED is annual conference where thousands of celebrity attend to see 50 speakers' presentation like former US president, Novel prize winners, presidents of large enterprise, prominent inventers, artists, etc.)

Currently Kenichi is appearing on US TV show, PBS Kids "Angelina Ballerina" as featured dance performer. Also occasionally he has been performing for high class show club, "The BOX" in NYC and London, and "The ACT" in Las Vegas.

He started 80min one-man shows from October, 2012. 

Some other Kenichi’s acknowledged credits: 
- Cirque du Soleil's special event show 
- USA TV program, "Maury show" as Outrageous Talent performer French TV program, "Le Plus  Grand Cabaret du Monde"
- China Central TV program, "International Humour Festival" and "The King of Comedy" 
- HunanChina TV program, "The King of Comedy"
- Japan TV program, "KAMIWAZA", Champion 
- Japan TV program, "Zoom In Super", "Hanamaru Market", "Sukkiri!!", "Girugamesshu LIGHT", "El  Mundo", "World No.1s' Showtime", "Kinsuma" 
- "Absinthe", Australian Open Tennis 2009, Melbourne, Australia
- "F-1 Monaco Grand Prix 2011", Monte Carlro, Monaco 
- "Circurious" at the Disney Wonder Cruise Shiip, Mexico 
- "Singapore's Best Dance Crew", judge, workshop, performance, Singapore 
- Japan Embassy's 60th Anniversary event with Israel, Tel Aviv, Israel 
- "LifeBall 2009", Vienna, Austria 
- Kollaboration 9, Champion 
- Private party shows for Madonna, Simon Cowell, Royal Family of Morocco Kingdom, etc 
- Neil Young concert dancer, “Greendale”
- Alvin Ailey Summer Camp Instructor
- Opening art and guest performance for: KRS-ONE, MOS DEF, LOST BOYZ, etc.
- Actor and choreographer for Japanese drama, “Manhattan Diaries.”


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