Sunday, August 17, 2014

[#ORCHESTRA] Distant Worlds: Final Fantasy Returns! 4 Dates!


Distant Worlds: Final Fantasy Returns!!! 4 Dates! If you have not seen this remarkable musical event I highly recommend you attend a show.

Chicago, Illinois
24 August 2014 19:00
Symphony Center, Chicago

Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, Toronto
Toronto, ON, Canada
06 December 2014 20:00

Tri-State Marathon
31 January 2015 03:00 - 20:00
New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Newark

St. Louis, Missouri
15 May 2015 19:30 - 16 May 2015 19:30
Powell Hall, St. Louis

Distant Worlds Philharmonic Orchestra & Choir
Arnie Roth, conductor, violin soloist
Nobuo Uematsu, composer, keyboard soloist
Susan Calloway, guest vocalist

Please check the website for tickets and pricing as they vary.

Nobuo Uematsu joins Distant Worlds return to the magnificent Chicago Symphony Center with an exciting new program!

Featuring a special 20th anniversary salute to the music of FINAL FANTASY VI including Dancing Mad, Opera ‘Maria & Draco’, Nobuo Uematsu and Arnie Roth as soloists performing Dark World, and other surprises.

We’ll also feature the World Premiere performance of the new score FINAL FANTASY X: Hymn of the Fayth/The Sending!

Plus Susan Calloway will be the featured vocal soloist in FINAL FANTASY XIV: Answers, and FINAL FANTASY VIII: Eyes On Me!

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