Thursday, August 14, 2014

Japanese Tea Ceremony Presentation at The Japanese Gardens of Portland Oregon.

Have you ever wanted to learn Japanese Tea Ceremony? The Japanese Gardens of Portland Oregon offer monthly events and this weekend they present "CHADO, THE WAY OF TEA" on August 16, 2014 (Saturday). Presented in the Kashintei Tea House from 1-1:45pm to 2-2:45pm.

Included with Garden Admission:
Join us in the Tea Garden for a presentation of tea prepared by Kashintei Kai. Chado presentations are offered at the Portland Japanese Garden on the third Saturday monthly April through October 1pm and 2pm.

Chado 茶道, the Way of Tea, is the practice of preparing, serving, and drinking Tea. Since the 15th century, it has been a study in preparing a bowl of powdered green tea (matcha 抹茶) as well as incorporating many of the arts of Japan. This elegant yet simple practice reflects the philosophy of the four principles of Tea:

Harmony: Wa 和
Respect: Kei 敬
Purity: Sei 清
Tranquility: Jaku 寂

From Chado: The Way of the Tea
by Wakai Dokokai,
Portland, Oregon

Please visit the website for upcoming events, lectures, art and all that is Japanese.

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