Friday, August 22, 2014

Northern California Premium SAKE FEST

10th Annual Premium Sake Fest
The history of North American Food started with my grandfather, Hikotaro Inaba, who started the Inaba Company in the early 1900’s. His intention was to bring the tastes of Japan to the Sacramento River Delta area’s large population of farm laborers of Japanese dissent (the early Issei generation). As the business grew and his sons joined the daily operations of the business, the company name was changed to “Inaba Brothers” after his three sons:

Akira (Richard), Minoru (Edward), and Hitoshi (Flu).

After the conclusion of World War II, the company was incorporated and renamed North American Food Distributing Company (NAFDC) as an effort to avoid any anti-Japanese sentiment that was so prevalent during those times.

Today, NAFDC continues to serve the Asian Community and beyond by providing quality products at reasonable prices to stores and restaurants throughout Northern California and the Northwestern United States. Contemporary tastes are changing and we are seeing the fusion of Asian and Western cuisines. With this and the consumer demands for healthier and more nutritious traditional foods from Japan, we will continue to strive to maintain the central theme of my grandfather to “Bring the tastes of Japan to America.” Please enjoy our products that we hope you have grown to love.
President: Harley Inaba

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