Wednesday, August 6, 2014


                   SEPTEMBER 26th- 27th -28th 
                             Grand Junction Co.

                                    Country Inns of America
718 Horizon Dr. Grand Jct. CO 81506  970-243-5080 or 1-800-990-1143



 PAGE PASS: (ONE DAY YOUTH AGES  5 THRU 12)                                                $15.00
 KNIGHTS PASS: (ONE DAY GENERAL ADMISSION)                                             $20.00
 ROYAL COURT PASS:  SATURDAY (INCLUDING HIGH TEA WITH THE QUEEN,     AND VICTORIAN TIME TRAVELERS BALL)                                                               $30.00
QUEEN'S PASS: (ALL EVENTS 26TH, 27TH & 28TH)                                              $50.00


Burlesque Circus
Award Winning Magician and Variety Entertainment

Burlesque Circus will be performing once on Friday the 26th and Saturday the 27th with a possible additional performance on Sunday the 28th. Show times to be announced.

Captain Jack Sparrow 

Aaron Rabe AKA "Captain Jack Sparrow" will be gracing us with his piratical presence.
BIO:  I've been acting since the age of 11 and have done theater work all through out my life. Been the lead singer in to many different bands. Get into prop making at an early age and now own and operate a prop company providing props to the world. I have been a captan Jack tribute/impersonator for 5 years and have been awarded 6 awards for my portrayal of the character.

Pandora Celtica

"We are Pandora Celtica, a dark faerie vocal band from the realms of Dream and Myth, brought together by the Queen of the Fae for your entertainment. We bring you rich harmonies, tribal drumming and ancient songs of sorrow, loss and longing. Be you fae or goblin, lord or lady, superhero or villain or some other kith… we invite you to take off the mask that you show to the mundane world and revel with us as you truly are. Let us move you.  Let us thrill you.  Let us free you.  We thank you for inviting us to share in this mad faerie celebration you name Denver Comicon! Please visit us on the interwebs at"

Psyche Corporation

Bio: Psyche Corporation is a fairytale cyber/steampunk band fronted by a brunette Rapunzel-lookalike who combines dance with a powerhouse vocal range, while clad in an improbably wasp-waisted Victorian corset. The band is named after a dream manufacture group from a future where neural implants allow people to download dreams. Songs deal in dystopian themes as well as more lighthearted filk works, such as “Perl-Operated Boy”. The musical style spans genres of trip-hop, electro-rock, and world music.  A recent song has mixed tribal singing with classical piano while embedding poliovirus DNA into its percussion.
 The band first began playing live in 2007, and over the years has included dancers, guitarists, and a cellist at various points, but the one constant is vocalist/producer/frontwoman Psyche Chimère. Psyche Corp. is a favorite amongst east coast steampunk conventions/events, renaissance festivals, gothic balls, and anime-friendly conventions.  Notably, we’ve performed at FanEXPO (which annually draws about 60,000 patrons) in Toronto as the headlining musical guest for their steampunk programming in August 2010, and were invited back for another convention put on by Steampunk Canada in 2011.  We’ve also performed at every Wicked Faire since 2009 (this is an annual combination alt pagan scifi renaissance faire convention in NJ that currently draws about 3,000 or more patrons per year), and every Steampunk World’s Fair since the first iteration in 2010.   We have been booked to perform for Steampunk World's Fair 2014, an event expected to have several thousand attendees.  We’ve also become regulars at Arisia (sci fi con in Boston, MA) and TempleCon (sci fi con in Warwick, RI).  Psyche Corp. was the headlining musical act for Ikkicon (a major anime convention) in Austin, TX for December 2012, and opened for Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer at SteamStock 2013 in Richmond, CA.  Our performances as of 2012 have received film coverage by the Discovery Channel and Travel Channel, among others.

Steamworks & Shadows is more than a steampunk themed web series and other multimedia. It’s an entire universe that is open to anyone who wants to become a part of it. Steampunk is a self-made fandom, and we wanted S&S to feel the same way. From a web series to a radio drama, fiction, roleplay, and comics, Steamworks & Shadows is always growing thanks to everyone in it. Join the creators, cast, and crew from the web series as they host a series of panels on their experiences and screen the world premiere of a new episode!

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