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[Album Review] Kazha Hits A Grand Slam With New Album "Evolution"


"Kazuha Oda is a Japanese singer/songwriter. During her debut as a solo singer in Japan, she worked on numerous projects including: 6 albums, 5 singles, and contributed to over 10 compilation albums ranging from Classic to Heavy Metal music. After her successful solo career in Japan, she continued to pursue her dream of singing in a rock band. In the beginning of 2009, Kazuha Oda formed the rock band, “Kazha.” Her background in music has attracted many people from all around the world."


A dynamic rock band from Japan who self proclaims their music as combining "the softness of a falling feather with the heaviness of a hurricane" is an exceptional description to one amazing album just released on September 7th of this year, 2014 titled "Evolution". Kazha is currently touring North America, and previously has been here before which included Korea, Japan and South America since the release of their first album "Overture". The band intends to keep spreading their music to the world and with this latest release there should be no problem in doing just that. "Evolution" is one phenomenal and surprising album!

Official Members:
Vocals and Bass: Kazuha Oda
Guitar: Hideki Matsusige

 Kazuha Oda's serene vocals kicks off with a dreamy tune titled "Wake Up II (Wake Me Up)" while a guitar continues through out to tell the unspoken story of longing to be with the one in your heart combined with lyrics  in English that are easily understood. This song has an easy flow and is well composed with a factor that relates to all who listen. The second track "Became The Light" continues with the musical journey that "Wake Me Up" introduced with more of Hideki's hard driven guitars and Kazuha's steady vocals  which are blended very well giving  a solid crossover appeal. Both track one and two undeniably could be released as singles to introduce new fans to Kazha's music with radio friendly appeal.

As track three begins, " Breathe Again" a noticeable difference is heard with a more expansive sound than the previous two tracks that the listener has been inured to so far is enriched by the breaks and Kazuha's dual choral harmony effect that makes the melody very satisfying. "Face Your Fears" starts very hard with vocals driven with a sense of passion that allows the listener to go on an aural journey. Fans of other genre contemporaries such as Nightwish and Lacuna Coil would definitely enjoy this song!

As this album unfolds in excellent song choice and order; even with a purpose of enrapturing the listener in to a story like scenario; as you will find yourself unconsciously piecing  together according to your own life experiences by well thought out lyrics, makes the flow of each song seamlessly glide from track to track. 

 "Forever Yours" does not disappoint as it begins with a very mellow soft guitar building up to a more ballad type of sound. Kazuha's bass playing is more prevalent in the rhythm and pacing in this song and towards the middle we receive another guitar solo that gives the feeling of swaying back and forth during a live performance.

"One Hundred Years" surprises with a piano intro and fresh, crisp vocals by Kazuha as you can feel the deep emotions with the lyrics. A great departure from the rock sound to show off the bands electric sound. Yet another delicious track!

As "Frozen" which is track seven returns to the previous sound of rocking guitars and Kazuha's harmony with guitar solos that continue to impress each time again, has a most  commercial appeal as the same with "Became The Light" giving high energy that entices you to be involved in her story. This song would also be another great choice as a single. 

 As track eight "Break Into Pieces" evokes the heart break we have all experienced on one level or another and drives home a good point (no spoiler!). I would like to hear this song live, it has some great drumming with double bass pedal tricks behind it and has a faster pace than the previous tunes with an edginess. As track nine begins with the tranquil guitar leading into another ballad gives you the feeling of quixotic optimism."Tomorrow" is yet another great track on this album, and still blown away I have not heard one song that I could fault.

Now the final track, "Blend And Fly" starts out with Hideki's acoustic guitar and Kazuha's clean vocals blend in to a nice pop/rock sound as it brings much confident dynamism to the listener with very catchy lyrics and the background instrumentals forming a perfect synergistic relationship of musical harmony and enchantments. 

After listening to this album "Evolution" which stirs up so many emotions we must say this is one fantastic musical creation and congratulations to Kazha.This is a high quality and professional album beyond anything we expected. I not only would purchase this album, and now, more than ever, we want to see Kazha perform live. We are very excited about this work from this artist and will be keeping a close eye on Kazha in the future. Rarely do we listen to a complete album twice or more with so many submissions. This one has us mesmerized since it is definitely something very new in sound and unexpected.

My JHouse Rocks Rating for the album "Evolution" by Kazha is our highest 5 stars.


Micheal Herrera
LaLa Sukura

Kazha currently on tour in U.S. upcoming dates are:

October  29th at  Hi-Tone Cleveland, TENNESSEE
December 5-7th at Arkansas Anime Festival, Springdale Arkansas
 December  12-14th at Yama- Con, Pigeon Forge Tennesssee

"Evolution" is available now for purchase at CD Baby, i-Tunes and Spotify.

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