Friday, October 17, 2014

Message For Jrock Fans-"DO UNTO OTHERS"

A very important message for all who love Japanese music, tradition, culture and the beautiful country of Japan. (please watch video)

OBON-2015 is a project I am very involved in by returning many Yosegaki Hinomaru I have found to this organization for the process to begin in healing the hearts of Japanese families. Japan the country itself, it's music and it's people have given so much to me and my family's lives I can think of no other way than to give back in this manner. As we approach the 70th Anniversary of WW2 perhaps it is time to return personal family items taken as battlefield souvenirs. The past is the past and no good can come of hostility. We are two nations now working together trying to mend old wounds and create a better future for all. If you or anyone you know has one of these flags please contact:

The flags with the yellow X's are the flags I found and hopefully with translations of the writings the families will finally have their lost member home and have peace of mind and heart.

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