Sunday, January 11, 2015

Introduction to JAPAKO Magazine

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An exciting magazine has come to our attention and not only are they an online resource, they have a tangible printed magazine! Containing stunning photographs of your favorite artists, interviews, concert reviews, music news, fashion, beauty, culture and food; covering not only J-Rock and Pop but K-Pop as well. Chocked full of factual information barring no gossip or scandals JAPAKO Music brings to the table a universal magazine much desired for the followers of Asian music.

By blending all genres whether Japanese or Korean in to one magazine is brilliant in itself. The latest fashions we all love, foods we may have never heard of before, current trends and music news rolled up like a delicious sushi roll delivered to your doorstep at a reasonable price of $12.00 USD(including shipping) doesn't get any better! 

Although My JHouse ROCKS is more of a Japanese rock.and visual kei  news source peppered with J-Pop we  have many fans in to K-Pop  and all things Hallyu ( tho some of you won't admit it). We see magazines especially in Japan and Korea folding on a regular basis or are just unobtainable due to the fact they are only available in limited quantities for overseas fans... way to expensive or the worst case scenario with the stamp we all dread, "Available ONLY IN JAPAN"... well, JAPAKO Music magazine bridges that gap and ships around the globe with not only one, but two editions of their magazine:

JAPAKO Mag Japan with the first and brand new issue reveal this month.

JAPAKO Mag Korea with 4 issues under it's belt featuring special giveaways, posters, exclusives, in depth features and professional photography from cover to cover.

Colorful covers and photo's which this one in particular grabbed our attention since Korean Pop Boy Band "Topp Dogg" will be performing three upcoming dates in the US.

And yes...the 'Korean Wave' is not over in America!!!

February 5th 
 Houston, Texas

February 7th 

 Miami Beach, Florida

February 8th 

 Atlanta, Georgia

Tickets are being sold through Ticketmaster.

JAPAKO Music Online features concert footage, cultural conventions, articles and reviews in Europe where some of our favorite artists perform who have not yet come to America giving us an insight of what we are missing! Among the extensive information provided on the website are really great interviews with some of your favorite J-Rockers such as Deathgaze, heidiI-aiSpyair, and J-Pop artists SEKAI NO OWARI. you should absolutely give a glance.

Here is an excerpt from JAPAKO Music's interview with Girugamesh:
"Is there a Japanese Idiom that you like particularly? If yes, which one and what does it mean to you? 
Ryo: Practice makes perfect“, DORYOKU  which means Hard work!
Nii: NONBEE  which means drink hard!
Shuu: Time is Money. I often made someone wait because I was late. So I felt like I took time from someone’s limited time in Life.  So time is precious, I want to avoid that. That’s why I like the proverb Time is Money."
In globalizing the online portion of this magazine, each interview is translated and formatted to several different languages by a dedicated and 'united through music staff' located in several countries.

Founded by two persons located in Ireland and passionate about Asian cultures and music dedicate this magazine to the music they fell in love with which correlates with the mission and passion of 
My JHouse ROCKS Promotions to bring artists and fans together through social media promoting positive publicity. With similar likes, we are privileged to announce we have joined together in partnership to share our love of these genres of music and the artists behind it to bring you the reader more information than ever before. Please look forward to an exciting  year in 2015!!


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