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KAMIJO Exclusive Interview by KAMIJO Official U.S. Street Team

April 20th, 2015 Official U.S. Street Team
Translations: Luminary Xion and Zelaiya

KAMIJO.. is a Japanese singer-songwriter, musician, and music producer. He is best known as lead singer of the visual kei bands LAREINE  and Versailles. He has also been the head of two independent record labels; the first being Applause Records (formed in 2000), and Sherow Artist Society since 2006. His music covers many genres, LAREINE having mainly a pop rock style, and Versailles a clear symphonic metal and power metal sound. He has an extensive discography with the bands LAREINE, NEW SODMY and Versailles, consisting of 15 albums, and a large amount of EPs and singles. In 2013, KAMIJO began a solo career for the first time, with his debut single "Louis ~Enketsu no La Vie en Rose~". He is now a successful solo artist under Warner Music Japan with several more releases to date.

Celebrating twenty years of musical projects, KAMIJO brings his music to the world to share his accomplishments with the fans who have been waiting and supporting, at  long last, will be given the opportunity to hear his music live, up close and in person as he will soon be embarking on his North American leg of KAMIJO World Tour 2015 "20th ANNIVERSARY BEST" with stops in Mexico, Los Angeles and New York City.

KAMIJO has graciously answered a few questions from his Official U.S.Street Team Members and dedicated fans which is greatly appreciated.


[1Q] KAMIJO さんを知らない人々にどのように自分自身の芸 術性を説明しますか?

How would you describe yourself artistically speaking to those people who do not know you?

[1A] 僕の音楽はストーリーが最初に生まれるので映画と同じ作 り方です。サウンドも映画のような重厚なシンフォニーを目指していま す。

My music goes through the same process movies do: the story is born first. I aspire to create a symphonic sound like it is in movies.

[2Q] 一番最初に作曲した歌を教えてください。それについての エピソードについて話 ? していただけませんか。

Which was your very first song that you composed ? Please tell us about it.

[2A] 恥ずかしいなぁ。曲名は秘密。最初はコードのSus4や Add9すら知らなかったよ。 でもメロディーは今とあまり変 わっていないよ。

It’s embarrassing. The title of the song is secret. At first I didn't even know the chord Sus4* and Add9*. But the melody has not changed very much from then to now.

[3Q] 交響楽団やライブ合唱団とのライブを行う事を考えたこと はありますか?

Have you ever thought of having a concert with symphony orchestra and choir live?

[3A] 今、考えているよ(笑)。

I’m thinking about it now! (Lol).

[4Q] ソロのツアーで最も忘れがたい経験は、何でしたか?

What is the most memorable experience of your solo tour?

[4A] EUツアーのばすの中でMASASHIとワインを飲みながら語 り合ったことですね

In the middle of the EU tour, MASASHI and I were drinking wine and talking on the tour bus.

[5Q] ファンにライブでどんな服装で来てほしいですか?例えば エレガントなドレスや コスプレ、普段着など。

How would you like fans to dress for your concerts? Do you prefer we dress up or cosplay or wear street clothes?

[5A] Tシャツをエレガントに着こなす人もいるし、自分の好きな 服を着てきてほしいね。

From T-shirts to elegant clothing, I want people to wear their favorite clothes.

[6Q] 歌の筋書きに基づく本を書きたいと思いますか?

Would you write a book based on the story-line of your songs?

[6A] 少しづつ進めています。いつか出版したいです

It's progressing little by little, we’re getting there. I want to publish someday though.

[7Q] どのように、10年後の自分自身を想像していますか?

継続してステージ上で歌って、作詞や作曲をしていると思 いますか?それともバ ンドのプロデューサとして活躍してい ると思いますか?

How do you see yourself in 10 years? Will you still be performing onstage and writing songs? Producing bands?

[7A] 両方やっていると思いますね

I think I’ll be doing both.

[8Q] KAMIJO さんの理想の休暇と最悪の休暇について話して い ただけませんか。

Please describe your dream vacation and also tell of your worst one.

[8A] 理想の休暇はカフェでストーリーを書く。最悪の休暇は寝 て過ごす(笑)

An ideal vacation would be writing a story in a café. A bad vacation would be spent sleeping (Lol).

[9Q] 人間とヴァンパイアの間で生きる方法を教えていただけま せんか。

Please give us advice for how to live as a vampire among humans.

[9A] 人はどこかで終わりを前提とした活動をしますが、ヴァン パイアはそれをしない。

People assume the activities end at some point, but vampires do not do that.

[10Q] 北アメリカの(カナダと米国とメキシコ)あなたのファンにメッ  セージを送っていただけませんか。
 Please send a message to your fans in North America                (Canada, US and Mexico)

[10A] I'm excited to go to the United States since it's been a long time. After the debut of Versailles, (we) were not able to visit North America; because of that I'm looking forward to singing all songs. 

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