Thursday, May 21, 2015

Idol Matsuri Seattle Washington

Idol Matsuri 2015 Logo

Mark your calendars because the second Idol Matsuri will be hosted August 14-16, 2015, at the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington, right in the heart of Seattle, WA.

Idol Matsuri is the first annual U.S. convention dedicated entirely to Japanese pop idols. Attracting guests from all over the world, Idol Matsuri hosts a variety of idol-related events such as live concerts, panels, karaoke, contests, dances, an artist alley/exhibit hall, and even opportunities to interact with Japanese idols in person.

This year’s convention takes place at the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington (JCCCW), inside Seattle city limits. The JCCCW is inside the Issei Legacy Site and features a variety of Japanese cultural spots that participants can visit while at the convention, including the Nikkei Bunko Japanese Language Library, Hosekibako: Japanese Resale Shop, and Northwest Nikkei Museum.

Many affordable hotels are available a few blocks away from the JCCCW, including the Panama Hotel and Hostel International; nicer hotels, such as Best Western, are available a few blocks further at Pioneer Square. Those arriving from the SeaTac airport can take the Light Rail from the airport straight to these hotels, and the First Hill Streetcar can bring participants to the JCCCW from these hotels. More hotel and public transportation information is available on the location page.

Last year, Idol Matsuri hosted a variety of Japanese and Western guests including Aither, RYUTist, Halko Momoi, Beckii Cruel, Ally and Sally, SHEawase, Beri! New Day, and DJ Amaya. Five guests have been announced so far for 2015: Chii Sakurabi, Aidolize!, Beri! New Day, Berri~Team!, and Pete Ellison. Stay tuned for more guest announcements in the coming months.

Message from Chii Sakurabi to Idol Matsuri 2015