Saturday, July 18, 2015

Izumicon Artist Announcement

To kick things off we have 6 guests to announce! Joining us for Izumicon 2015 is Johnny Yong Bosch (Ichigo Kurasaki, Vash the Stampede) and his band Eyeshine, Caitlin Glass the voice of Haruhi in Host Club, and Winry in Full Metal Alchemist, Tyson Rinehart Voice Actor the voice of Daru in Steins;Gate, and Georg in Eureka, Jad Saxton the voice of Carla in Fairy Tail, and Perrine in Strike Witches, Leah Clark the voice of Blair in Soul Eater, and Coby in One Piece!

We aren't stopping there though, Hatsune Miku and other vocaloids will be returning to Izumicon 2015!
To announce all of this awesome information we've given our website a massive face-lift. Go there now to see what other goodies you can find!

This is a huge update but don't think we are even remotely done! Check back soon for more updates!@

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma-Oct.30th-Nov 2nd, 2015