Saturday, December 5, 2015


KAO=S at   吉祥寺 STAR PINE'S CAFE November 20th, 2015.
Live Report by Press Op's  Mirtha Coral-Tokyo,Japan

A Fantastic Show KAO=S Performed for the Presentation of 
 New Album
 “Dawn of the Planet Chaos
When they say that “music is a universal language”, I can totally identify with it. I had the pleasure
to attend the concert of the group KAO=S and see them live for the very first time. If I was impressed by their videos on Youtube, their live performance blew my mind away. The intensity of their
interpretation of each song really involves you and the dancing and acting of their singer Kaori
lead you to understand what the song is about even without knowing the Japanese language.

Dawn of the Planet Chaos” is a CD that I can totally describe  as a 'seasonal album'. What do I
mean by it?.. probably you are wondering. It means that you can associate each of their songs to a
season in the year. "ONE" and "Maboroshi" feels like spring songs, follow it for the romantic, "Cradle" as a song for summer. "Taimatsu" is a fall song and finally with "Saku" and "Kurode Bushi" you can sense the intensity of winter.

Aside from the songs already mentioned, I should talk about songs like "Kitsune-bi" and "Roaring Tokyo" where the groups performance gives you goose-bumps of excitement. Shuji (Acoustic guitar) and JACK (Shamisen) play their instruments with so much passion accompanied by a wonderful dance of Kaori you can easily understand the story behind "Kitsune-bi". With "Roaring Tokyo" the first word that comes to my mind is outstanding.

  Kaori shows so much energy dancing with the sword, Shuji and JACK together with their guest musicians Kazu (drums) and Daisuke Kaminaga (Flute) rock the stage and you totally want to just jump off your seat and join them on the stage.

KAO=S is a group with a lot of accomplishment in their 5 years of creation. They were invited to
participate for 2 consecutive years at the prestigious event SXSW (South by South West) in 2012
and 2013. They also appeared at JAPAN EXPO 2013 in France. In 2014 they were interviewed by
CNN International program "The Art of Movement" in November. This year they were
invited to the sing at the Hanabi Matsuri in Brazil for the celebration of the 120th year’s anniversary
of Japanese-Brazilian friendship. Also, they were recognized by the worldwide program from NHK
Channel “J-Melo” as part of the top 10 'Breakthrough artist showcase of 2015'.

What project do they have for 2016? Many. One of them is a tour in America to kick off around the time of their showcase at this years SXSW in Texas, so get ready for them!

If you would like to purchase their music now, it is available via iTunes and Spotify for over 111
countries and physically on January 20th, 2016 which we will keep everyone posted for where to purchase this amazing music. I invite you to check more about KAO=S through their official social networks on Facebook, Youtube ,Twitter, and official website.

We welcome you to the 'World of KAO=S'.
If you missed part one of our interview with KAO=S please check it out here. It is in Japanese but is subtitled in English. Spanish translations will soon follow.

Set List:
2. 地割れ / Jiware(English version)
3. 舞夢 / Maimu
4. 海月 / Kurage
5. 津軽じょんがら節 / Tsugaru Jongara-bushi (Jack Solo)
6. 荒城の月/Koujo no Tuki
7. 黒田節 / Kuroda-bushi※
8. 幻 / Maboroshi※
10.狐火 / Kitsune-bi※
11.松明 / Taimatsu※
12.桜の鬼 / Ogre of the Cherry Tree
14.朔 / Saku (with ※ 神永大輔氏 / Daisuke Kaminaga)15.Roaring Tokyo (with ※ 神永大輔氏 / Daisuke Kaminaga)
16.桜香る / Sakura Kaoru

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