Thursday, February 18, 2016

BACK-ON at Tekko 2016

Taking a break from their world tour, BACK-ON from Japan is the band for Tekko 2016!
BACK-ON, a 4 member hybrid rock band, was formed in Japan in 2002 and made their major label debut in 2005.
They have released 15 singles and 5 albums so far and have held live shows around the world.

KENJI03 (Vocal / Guitar) has Japanese and Taiwanese parents and is fluent in Chinese.
TEEDA (MC) is a rapper and a bilingual (Japanese and English)
SHU (Guitar) is very knowledgeable in music and is the arranger for the band.
GORI (Bass) is the leader of the band and handles programing for the group as well.
They held 15 live shows in Mexico, the US, Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia, France and Taiwan in 2015.

At “JAPAN EXPO” in Paris, France, they had approximately 4000 people in the audience. The venue had to restrict admissions due to capacity regulation.
They are releasing their 5th album “PACK OF THE FUTURE” in March 2016.
Now they promote “Normcore Music” and are asking the world “Have you realized the coolness of BACK-ON yet?” through their album.
No excuses to pre-register for Tekko 2016! Prices go up March 1st.
Tekko 2016 venue-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center . April 7-10th, 2016.
BACK-ON LINKS- to their official website and Facebook page.