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[INTERVIEW] The GazettE 7th Movement..The AMERICA's

    AOI                      REITA                       RUKI                   KAI                  URUHA

the GazettE....

by LaLa Sukura-founder of My JHouse Rocks Promotions Inc.
Misawa, Aomori, Japan
The 7th Movement-The AMERICA's

........known by the native Japanese fans as simply,  γ‚¬γ‚Όγƒƒγƒˆ Gazetto , who is a visual kei rock band that took the Tokyo music scene in Japan by storm in 2002 have been tearing up stages across the world ever since. 

In 2006 the band earned their first headline performance at the infamous Budokan, and after further huge arena shows, managed to conquer the 55,000-seater Tokyo Dome by 2010.  Rarely satisfied, the GazettE continued to cover new ground in 2011, participating in major festivals across Japan and continually evolving their sound. In 2013 they successfully completed their first world tour and expanded their worldwide activities.  Still completely self produced, the GazettE continue moving forward compromised in their artistic and unique world view, at home and abroad.

While thousands of fans of this talented quintet around the globe have been dedicated and followed this band for the 14 years of their existence and know the lyrics of their songs in Japanese, every guitar riff, every concept from costuming to album construction, with a fan base unmatched proving a loyalty and patience in anticipation, this phenomenon of a rock band will finally step out of Japan once again and head to the America's.

With the announcement on January 7th, 2016 of  "the GazettE WORLD TOUR16 DOGMATIC -TROIS- the 7th Movement...THE AMERICA'S!", I knew I had to speak with the band members prior to the upcoming tour as one of my favorite bands to date to get in to their heads a bit about their upcoming performances.

Q: The upcoming World tour 16 "Dogmatic Trois" with the 7th Movement beginning in the America's in April; could you explain to the readers the decision after 14 years to finally perform here?

URUHA: I am looking forward to the performances in North America because this is the first time for me and also as a band.

AOI: I am looking forward to having shows in that country North America.

REITA: One of our goals has been to perform in the states.

KAI: I have been wanting to perform there and now it's finally here, and I am grateful for the opportunity.

Q: Are any of you anxious about the upcoming world tour? nervous? about performing in America and Canada for the first time to new audiences, do you have any concerns?

RUKI: I am not anxious as we can show a variety of people through our show what the GazettE does and is all about.

URUHA: I am expecting compared to the Japanese audiences who are not aggressive, some risks, and possible problems but in any case during the performances and for the audiences we will be prepared.

AOI: I would love to see the audience as soon as possible but I am not nervous, I am excited. We are planning to play mainly the popular songs based on what is on our website more than the underground songs.

REITA: I am just worried about the food! Hopefully people will be nice and welcome us to the states.

KAI: Not nervous at all. I want to show what the GazettE is!

Q: Has any member ever visited North America previously and if so where did you visit? and what would you like to see while here on tour?

URUHA: All members except for me have been to the states for sure.

AOI: I have been to New York for recording/mastering and hope to go to other places and not cities but see nature type sceneries.

REITA: L.A. for recording/mastering.

KAI: Personally I have been to New York and New Jersey also to L.A. for mastering/recording.

Q: When the GazettE formed in the early years while playing to audiences of 18-80 people, did you ever think you would some day have a global following or even that overseas people would find and hear your music ? What are your thoughts?

RUKI: I never expected that outside of Japan but once I believed all the things I heard I hoped our music would be understood and accepted by foreigners.

URUHA: I did not expect that, not at all!

AOI: I did not anticipate that at the beginning with so many difficulties to do our music even in Japan I never gave it a thought our music would spread all over the world.

REITA: I thought our music would be the bomb in Japan for sure but, never thought our music could be heard on a global scale.

KAI: Never Expected!

Q: Do you feel pressure to perform older songs while preparing for the upcoming world tour due to the fact that the older songs are what first captured your overseas audience?and what songs do you think the overseas audience most favorite songs will be?

RUKI: I just wonder, but I would like to know if listening to just our music by CD and not seeing what we look like, what would be the difference seeing us live compared to only hearing the CD?

 It's going to take a little time to perform the old songs we made and I don't know which type of songs foreigners will like compared to our Japanese fans. It will be fun to see how they react to each of the songs planned.

AOI: We always play old and new, anything we want with no pressure to play specific songs. It does not matter of course, Japanese audience understands this. Hopefully the songs we chose will be what the audiences want to hear.

KAI: No Pressure! "Filth in Beauty".

Q: What do you attribute to the 14 year success and progression of your music in keeping a positive direction and continuing to work together musically and get along personally as a band? and has anyone ever given you advice on the subject of longevity?

URUHA: It's just simple, we will enjoy and love the music.
AOI: It's because I found the people I can share music with.

REITA: Not to give up.

KAI: ?

Q: What has been your proudest moment as a musician?

RUKI: To make whatever you can imagine to happen, and share that one with people.
URUHA: To keep having the band, the GazettE.

AOI: Not as a solo artist but part of the band.

REITA: To be a part of this band.

KAI: Definitely to be a part of the band, the GazettE.

Q: Moving forward, the release of your new single "UNDYING" which is set set to drop in early Spring; would you please tell us about the concept of the song and lyrically the meaning and why it is labeled 'The Finale'?

RUKI: "DOGMA", "UGLY" "UNDYING" which created a story and "UNDYING" is the end of that story.

AOI: RUKI should know best about the single.

KAI: Take whatever RUKI says.

Q: With all of your music catalog being highly successful, how will you create your next album to surpass your previous works?

RUKI: I always think about making something better than what I created in the past.

URUHA: I am still thinking about what would be good for the next album.

AOI: They're should be something I am able to see that is new from this tour this time. Every time we tour is a good opportunity to lean towards the next step.

REITA: I will decide plans for the next album through this upcoming tour.

KAI: From all the experiences we have had collectively as a band, and with everything we have been through, it's not only about the music this time, but the band members themselves.

Q: As normal men, do you feel a personality change in yourself when you begin the process of a live show from getting dressed and costuming, to make-up, hair, through sound check and finally stepping on the stage in front of fans for the show? Does this empower you, change who you really are or do you feel you are the same as you normally are? Describe the feeling.

URUHA: There is no difference between me as an artist or a normal person. Not out of the question, but if I sometimes feel there will be something I will do it even if out of my normal characteristic.

AOI: Nothing really, nothing special or different.

REITA: Turns me on! Make-up, sound check, nothing special or different from my normal character.

KAI: Nothing special.

Q: Is there one thing you wish you had done on stage at a live performance and why?

URUHA: I don't think I have done everything 100% of what I planned but, as a result has reached 100% already.

AOI: I think I have done whichever or whatever I have wanted to do through my music and pretty sure I have done everything they've imagined.

REITA: I feel like I never could have had people get together 100%.

KAI: None.

Q: Any final thoughts or messages for your overseas (North American) fans?

RUKI: This could be one of the best performances and we will definitely try to make it like that and am looking forward to seeing the audiences.

URUHA: This is all because of the fans who love the GazettE to tour this time. It is a pleasure to come see you guys over there!

AOI: It will be nice to see you over there on tour and we will do our best to have the best performances.

REITA: Looking forward to seeing you guys!

KAI: Let's enjoy this time together!

LaLa~Thank you for the time to have this interview. 
Please come see our performance and hopefully see you soon!
AOI-the GazettE

 the GazettE WORLD TOUR16 DOGMATIC -TROIS- the 7th Movement...THE AMERICA'S!"


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A special thank you to the GazettE  band members, Paul Chu, Kimberly Gregory and team Misawa.