Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Another Story-Ladybeard-Akira Animethon

‪‎Another‬ Story, Ladybeard and Akira have been announced as musical guests for Animethon at Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on August 5-7, 2016
Event Weekend Passes $45.00 (CAD) plus $3.31 fee until July 31, 2016
$55.00 (CAD) at the door

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Their music has a temperature.
And their sound has a vision.

Fiercely blowing cold flames.
Furiously burning blaze.
Decadent wasteland.
Cold, silent silver world.

The vision their sound brings is always winter.

Invitation to the Eden of dark fantasy.

Another Story is a loud/screamo hybrid rock band that was formed by the three original members KeiGo, K-MASA and 寛-hero- in June 2008 with a concept of creating a band that would reach to the world level. With support members in drums and guitar, the band started their live activities in February 2009 in Tokyo.
In May 2011 the band performed overseas for the first time at an event in Los Angeles, United States of America. After they returned to Japan they immediately proceeded to record their 1st EP "from the bottom of the world", and held an event to celebrate the release.
In April 2012 the band headed to America again, this time with a tour. In June this year guitarist yusuke joined the band, and the band toured Japan with the release tour of their 2nd EP "Day to remember".
As year 2013 started, drummer aki joined the band, and the band got their current line-up. On February 25th, Another Story made a contract with "INTACT RECORDS". On August 21st, they released their debut EP "Signs". Ted Jensen, a mastering engineer who has worked with artists such as GREEN DAY and UVERworld, was in charge of the mastering for this EP, and the EP got sold out in many stores day before it was actually released, making it rank high on Tower Records Album Charts on the very same day. The band toured Japan after the release of the EP, spreading the new "Another Story" all over Japan. The final show for the tour held on October 5th was sold out.
On May 21st 2014, the band released their long-awaited first full album "Truth or Dare". They toured Japan with the same world view as before, but this time deeper, taking it all ot the next level, making a deep impression in the Japanese rock scene.
Passion, insanity, chaos - what everyone subconsciously hides to a place only one fine line away from the ordinary.
The another story on the other side of people, together with emotional and destructive outlook, put on a melody. Another Story is the storyteller of a cold, heavy world.
As if they resist the whole universe with all they have every minute, every second; raging, playing, shouting their fairytale. Experience the depths of the darkness and light.


Ladybeard is the bizarre and brutally cute cross dressing phenomenon that has shaken Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia and now is making his way to Japan. Pro-wrestler, heavy metal vocalist, party rocker and 24 hour photo opportunity, Ladybeard 1st appeared in the rings of Hong Kong’s pro-wrestling scene in 2009. Hong Kong audiences were delighted by the unique style of comedy presented by Ladybeard, at once a cutesy, cuddly and hairy cross dressing teddy bear, and a brutal and raging fighting machine.
After gaining popularity as a wrestler, Ladybeard expanded his performance repertoire to include music, in 2010 performing his first heavy metal show, reworking classic Cantonese pop songs into hyper-aggressive comical heavy metal scream alongs. Wearing his most beautiful dresses, Ladybeard massacred Hong Kong’s favourite pop ballads in the most theatrical heavy metal performances Hong Kongers had ever witnessed, involving fights, puppets, circus performers, bikini clad dancers and more. Ladybeard began performing his pop/metal operas regularly around Hong Kong, and late in 2010 toured to Taiwan for the first time, where audiences received him with similar joy and fascination as those in Hong Kong.
It was however in November 2011 that Ladybeard fulfilled a career long goal and toured for the first time to Japan. Performing incredibly well received shows in Tokyo, Osaka and Okinawa, Ladybeard found a place he decided would become his new home. Since finishing his 2011 Japan tour Ladybeard has been intensely preparing to return to Japan, working hard to increase his skills in wrestling, singing and performing, even returning to his homeland of Australia so as to train with the best. Finally his patience has paid off, and Ladybeard returned to Japan in September 2013. The land of the Rising Sun had best brace itself. Something is coming the likes of which Japan has never experienced before!

Sing… Dance… DESTROY!!!
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Originating from Chiba, singer, model, actress and author, AKIRA has made a splash in both Japan and overseas.
AKIRA accidentally fell into “Danso” or “Boys Style” fashion trend when she was asked to portray a male character during a high school play. She took her passion for “Danso” and turned it into a flourishing and multifaceted career.
Infamous for her striking androgynous look AKIRA quickly became the most popular model in “KERA” magazine. AKIRA first appeared in the Japanese fashion magazine in their street snap section. From there she broke into the modelling world, debuting as a print model in "KERA" by the end of 2007. Since then, she has frequently graced the cover of both “KERA” and KERA BOKU”. Additionally, she has since released her own look book in 2013 aptly titled “AKIRA STYLE BOOK”.
At a young age AKIRA was always drawn to music. Her musical career aspirations began at the age of 12. By the age of 19 she attended the Avex Artist Academy on a scholarship. She then went on to debut with her first band "AKIRA with Tetra Haze" at the age of 20.
AKIRA made her solo debut in the summer of 2014 as a Sony major artist with “Aoki Tsuki Michite,” which was featured as the ending theme of the hit anime series “Black Butler: Book of Circus.” She is also the vocalist for the visual kei band “DISACODE”, which has released three albums to date.
When not singing in her band, AKIRA performs as Kaname Kuran for the Vampire Knight musical in Japan. Her 2nd single "Kirie Toroimen no Shirabe" is the main theme for the musical. Her new single “Waltz of Vanitas” has also been featured as the main theme for the “Vampire Knight -revive-” musical.
A budding talent and a fashion icon, AKIRA has inspired a renewed interest in “Danso” fashion. AKIRA proudly promotes self expression through fashion and hopes to inspire her fans to embrace their individuality.