Sunday, June 12, 2016

INTERVIEW Avandoned from Tokyo

We were delighted to have a chance to sit down for a quick interview with Avandoned from Tokyo, Japan on their USA tour in March 2016.

Avandoned formed by members that were rejected at other idol auditions. After practicing and performing on the street, they made their debut in July 8th, 2014. They have mainly been active at live venues in Tokyo, and they also have had opportunities to perform at notable events in Japan.


On their one-year anniversary in July 2015, they released their first mini-album "Tenmetsu Bye-Bye Blink Bye Bye" which invites the modern poet Tahi Saihate for the lyrics of the title song. They also collaborated and performed with the King Of Noise Hijokaidan as Ava-Kaidan in that same month.

In September, they performed at the Natsu-No-Mamono AOMORI ROCK FESTIVAL 15 held at the Yogoshiyama Ski Park in Aomori prefecture, and they are now working on their new mini album that is planned to be the first release coming out from TRASH-UP!! RECORDS, which is the music label started up by the trash culture magazine TRASH-UP!!
They are currently the most real idol group in Tokyo.

Q.  Is this your first time in the USA?
Avandoned: It is our first time. Yes.

Q. How was Philadelphia?
Avandoned: Very good, it was very lively.

Q. How did Avandoned start as a band?
Avandoned: We started in July of 2014. We were auditioning for another band but did not get accepted. The band we auditioned for was a really cute pure idol group. So, we decided to form Avandoned.

Q. And your first release? how is that compared to where you are now?
Avandoned: When we started, we were 6 members. We are now 4 members and we have more freedom as a 4 piece.

Q.How did you connect with Trash Up?
Avandoned: We were found out by Trash Up and that's how the collaboration with hijokaidan came to be.

Q. Do you think you are like most idol groups or are you interested more as an avant-garde idol group?
Avandoned: We want to experiment for the immediate future.
Q. You released a new release on Alchemy and have worked with Trash Up. What is the difference to you from your Alchemy release and Trash Up?
Avandoned: Working with hijokaidan was blurring our vocals with our music. Actually, we didn't know about noise music besides one of our members. But experimenting allowed us to have different perspectives and more freedom.

Q. Where do you see yourselves in the future?
Avandoned: We want to do more experimental music and we want to come back to USA.

Q. What you were you looking forward to the most in USA?
Avandoned: We want to do shopping! but we'd like some recommendations.

MJHR: You should check out Celebrated Summer Records; our punk record shop, it carries Japanese punk music.
Avandoned: We are happy to hear that.

Q. Which is the best sweets or dessert in Tokyo?
Avandoned: It is called Shingen Mochi. It is very good candy.

Interviewed by Sean Gray and Miki (MJHR staff)
Photo by Van Ngo