Sunday, June 12, 2016

LIVE REPORT-Next Music From Tokyo Vol.8

by Christine Wilson at MJHR LIVE EVENTS

Next Music From Tokyo Vol.8
May 20, 2016
Soybomb, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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This is the 2nd year that Next Music From Tokyo held its concert at the Soybomb, a real quirky venue to hold events, with its halfpipe as the stage and very little room for fans to move around.

午前3時と退屈 (Gozen Sanji to Taikutsu) was the first band up to start us up for Friday night’s, Next Music from Tokyo Vol 8. This funky band, which consisted of all females, which recently got a male guitarist, have been dubbed “the female Black Sabbath”. Being first band up, the crowd got more into them by the third song with moshing. MC after their 4th song by Anisonin, thanking everyone and being happy to have come. The last and seventh song, Takanoshima jumped up the halfpipe and did a solo.


あにそにん (Anisonin) - Vocal/Keyboard
ほしわたり (Hoshiwatari) - Guitar
たかのしま (Takanoshima) - Bass
りいちゃん (Riichan) - Drums

Regal Lily was the second band to play and they were not prepared for Canadian fans reactions to them. They blew us away and we responded back. Moshing in a very tight space and even during some songs there was crowd surfing. Misaki did MC after the 5th song, mentioning about the merchandise for sale and that they are very happy to be here. This band is a must see if you ever go to Japan.


高橋ほのか (Honoka Takahashi) - Vocal/Guitar
白石はるか (Haruka Shiraishi) - Bass
ゆきやま (Misaki Yukiyama) - Drums

Nengu over took Regal Lily as crowd favorite, they kick ass! Their drummer is so badass, never seen anyone who could hold a beat so long and so fast! They played six songs all very fast, last song they played twice but was less than 30 seconds, but that didn’t stop the crowd from doing the most moshing I have ever seen in such a tight time frame.

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Kotaro - Guitar
Higuchi - Bass
Sotaro Ishigami - Drums

Mass of the Fermenting Dregs. Boy did the fans let loose, moshing from the first song even got members of Regal Lily crowd surfing. Really enjoyed watching Natsuko playing and interacting with the crowd, she has become one of my favorite musicians. The bands energy is amazing, flows right into the crowd. One thing I noted, their drummer uses the sticks in reverse.

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宮本菜津子(Natsuko Miyamoto) - Vocal/Bass
小倉直也 (Naoya Ogura) - Guitar/Chorus
吉野功 (Isao Yoshino) - Drums/Chorus

There was troubles setting up for this band, Steve made a joke that this band was from the future and their instruments too advanced for the Soybomb. Dalljub Step Club the crowd favorite for that night, we went crazy for them, driving the band to get more and more into it. Shingen took his shirt off after the 2nd song, as it was so hot in the small space. They got us involved to sing in one of their songs, taught us the Japanese word “Psycho” which means “I am so happy”

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星 優太 (Yuta Hoshi) - Vocal/FX
森 心言 (Shingen Mori) - Vocal/Syn
BENCH - Vocal/Bass
GOTO - Drum/FX

Next Music From Tokyo Vol.8
May 21, 2016
Lee’s Palace, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Regal Lily up first in the line-up this night, their sound was more on the mellow side. Misaki did MC after third song mentioning their merchandise, thanked everyone for coming and that they were so happy to be here. Last song was instrumental, Honoka continued to play while Haruka put down her bass and walked off stage. Misaki placed her sticks on the drums and followed Haruka, it was such a surreal effect. The band then came back on stage to take a photo with the crowd.

午前三時と退屈 (Gozen Sanji to Taikutsu) so energetic, Steve crowd surfed after the fifth song, but first he apologized for not doing so the night before. Last song the crowd really got into it, たかのしま(Takanoshima) held her bass over the crowd for them to touch it. After the last song, the band crouched down to take photos with the crowd

Dalljub Step Club, the crowd favorite from last night, again blew us away. There was no one person who stood still as the band got their grove on. Again Shingen taught us the word psycho, meaning "I am so happy". Shingen took shirt off during fifth song, sweat was poring from him and Yuta. All the members of this band is crazy, GOTO is surely not of this world! The band did a song called “Red Bull”, Shingen went off stage, brought back a can of Red Bull, took a gulp then tossed into the crowd. There was lots of crowd surfing by Shingen, then after last song all members did took off into the crowds waiting arms. Once all members got back safely to the stage, they took photos with the crowd.

Mass of the Fermenting Dregs, I can’t describe how much I love this band, awesome guitar and bass solos. They played two new songs “まで” (made) and “Slow Motion Replay”. It was just a sea of crowd surfing, one song after the other. After their set, the band took photos with the crowd.

Nengu was last band up, fans and members from the other bands went crazy. There was so much moshing and crowd surfing, was the perfect way to end the tour of Toronto.

Next Music From Tokyo Vol. 9 is to be held in October 2016, don’t miss it!