Sunday, January 15, 2017


Otakorp, Inc. is pleased to announce that anisong super-group JAM Project will be the first of several featured artists to appear as part of the Anisong World Matsuri at Otakon.
This is JAM Project’s fourth collaboration with Otakorp, Inc. JAM Project made its US debut at Otakon 2008. They returned for Otakon Music Fest in 2012, and made a brief appearance at Otakon Vegas 2015 in conjunction with the Anisong World Tour Lantis Festival in Las Vegas held nearby. This will mark their first return to Otakon proper.

Anisong World Maturi is partnering with Otakorp, Inc. to present headline concerts on Friday and Saturday during Otakon, as well as other events throughout the weekend. Specific concert details, including times, locations, and participating artists, will be announced over the coming months.
"We are incredibly excited for the opportunity to host the Anisong World Matsuri and to have JAM Project as the anchor for the show. 2017 will be our first year in DC and it's always nice to have old friends at a house warming party. We can't wait to show you everything we have in store." - John Gluth, Convention Chairman, Otakon 2017.
Otakon 2017 will be held August 11-13, 2017 at the Walter Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C.
JAM Project (Hironobu Kageyama, Masaaki Endoh, Hiroshi Kitadani, Masami Okui, and Yoshiki Fukuyama) write and perform themes for popular anime including ONE PUNCH MAN, GARO, SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO 2199, and the SUPER ROBOT WARS series of video games. As individuals, each member of JAM Project has a thriving career in anisong, contributing theme songs for such hits as DRAGONBALL Z (Kageyama), YU-GI-OH (Endoh), ONE PIECE (Kitadani), SLAYERS (Okui), and MACROSS 7 (Fukuyama), among many others, either as solo artists or in collaboration with others.
ABOUT OTAKON AND OTAKORP, INC.: Now entering its twenty-fourth year, Otakon is an annual celebration of Japanese and East Asian popular culture, and also one of the largest gatherings of fans in the United States. Otakon celebrates popular culture as a gateway to deeper understanding of Asian culture, and has grown along with the enthusiasm for anime, manga, video games, and music from the Far East. Historically, Otakon has drawn up to 34,000 people for three days each year (for a paid attendance of over 100,000 turnstile attendees). Otakon is a membership based convention sponsored by Otakorp, Inc., a Pennsylvania-based, 501(c)3 educational non-profit whose mission is to promote the appreciation of Asian culture, primarily through its media and entertainment. Otakorp, Inc. is directed by an all-volunteer, unpaid staff – we are run by fans, for fans.
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